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After a long development time, Chan Elite has been completed. We are very pleased with the application and hope that you will be also.

Here is the description and link, the link will probably not be available for a week or two.

Chan Elite is the ultimate image board browsing experience for iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Chan Elite was developed with the user in mind and as a result is filled with amazing features.


+ Browse hundreds of supported imageboards
+ Beautiful Customizable Interface
+ Posting to imageboards
+ Animated GIF Support
+ View all photos in a thread at once
+ Image Downloading
+ Background Downloading
+ Thread Watching – keep track of your favorite threads
+ Built in Photo Storage
+ Optional PIN Lock
+ Much much more

WARNING: After using this app, image board browsing will never be the same.


We hope you will enjoy this application,

Legendary Software Labs LLC

  1. umad10-11-11

    How about some windowsphone 7 love?

    • admin10-14-11

      We have no planned Windows Phone 7 support at the moment.

  2. Joakim Karlsson10-18-11

    Hi! Great app.. Only thing I miss is the ability to retry failed downloads

    • admin10-18-11

      Thanks Joakim,

      Regarding failed downloads, failed downloads typically only occur if the thread 404’d. However, I will add the ability to retry downloads in an update.


  3. Bobby Joe10-24-11

    Hey, love the app so far. It says it’s able to browse hundreds of imageboards but I can’t seem to figure out where to add new ones at.

    • admin10-28-11


      I guess we should change the wording in the app description. In the description, when it says imageboards, it is referring to all the different imageboards on each of different chan sites.

      However, it is planned for several new Chan sites to be added soon.

      • Bobby Joe11-03-11

        Ah, thank you for clearing that up. I still love the app and use it all the time.

  4. anon10-28-11

    Awesome app Dude.


    Add the possibility to create sub-folders and you hit the 10/10.

  5. >.01-13-12

    don’t know if this is a bug but i can’t copy my pics from iphone from chan elite 🙁 keeps giving error folder can’t be found ;o

    • admin01-15-12

      Can you clarify on your problem some more?

  6. j04-05-12

    Hey there, having the same issue has the poster above me. My photos folder is about 600mb and when I drag it out of Itunes nothing happens.
    I’ve copied the folder before, when it was smaller (300mb) and it didn’t have any problems doing so… Any solution?
    Thanks in advance, great app.

  7. j04-05-12

    whoa i’m retarded, gotta press save to…
    cheers, love the app.

    • admin04-05-12

      Glad you fixed your problem.

  8. Dan04-10-12

    Im trying to add a imageboard that isnt on it but it says invalid >.>
    Been trying to add /b/ or /h/ and all the other things that i like

    • admin04-10-12

      Hi Dan,

      Chan Elite does support /b/ and /h/, however it is possible that there is a unique problem occurring on your device. Try the following steps:

      1. Tap Chan you want to add the board to.
      2. Tap + button on the top right of the screen.
      3. Type in board name, /b/, /gif/, etc

      Adding Boards

      Let me now how this goes.

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