Chan Elite 1.2


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Chan Elite has been updated and this time, the update mostly has been addressing bugs that users have reported.

Here is what is new:

+New App Icon

Lots of Bugfixes

-Fixes UI bug of top status bar sometimes disappearing
-Fixes problem during posting when text/image sometimes deleted after adding image
-Fixes crash problems with 420Chan
-Fixes other crash problems when browsing imageboards
-Fixes crash on FAQ

+More updates coming soon


  1. Reid10-11-11

    Hit a problem – I copied all the pics out of Chan Elite using iTunes, and then deleted the folder to get rid of the images on the phone. Now I can’t save images. They get downloaded successfully, but don’t show up in either iTunes or under “Photos” in the app. I’ll try deleting and re-installing the app, which should work, but can you check for the folder’s existence and re-create it as necessary?


    • admin10-11-11


      Thanks for the feedback.

      I thought that I accounted for this in the app but now as you say this, I realize that I didn’t. I will include a fix that fixes this in an update.


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