Chan Elite 1.3


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Just sent in the latest update to Chan Elite in for review:

Here is what is coming:

–New Features
+ Delete Photo Cache
+ Posts now have file name, subject, and date
+ Copy post text

– Fixes 420Chan posts
– UI bug where more bar would not reappear when pressing more
– UI bug where loading indicator would show when nothing was loading
– Fixes UI bug when device was in landcape mode and trying to select a folder to download to
– Fixes problem if photos folder was deleted via iTunes
– iOS 5 Bugfixes, fixes several crash issues
– Many other small bugfixes

  1. Just sum user10-20-11

    Please implement an option to be able to return to a post after following a >>(post number) link. Such that when you click the “back” button at the top left it goes back to the post you came from instead of back to the thread, at the post linked to.

    Also the ability to type the address of a specific thread.

    • admin10-20-11

      After clicking on a post number link, you will be able to return to the previous post by clicking the rewind button on the bottom bar.


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