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Chan Elite 1.6 includes huge amounts of new features and bugfixes. Here is the changelog for this version:

v1.6 Update

–New Features–
+ Watchlist completely redesigned
+ Watchlist autoupdates in the background
+ Thread History
+ Added Image Quality Option to Posting
+ Tap status bar to scroll to top of tableview
+ Zoom GIFS

– Fixes crash problems on older devices
– Animated GIFS should load more reliably
– Posting more reliable
– 99Chan threads fully load again
– 7Chan fixes only showing 1 page
– Other Minor Bugfixes

  1. Nick01-17-12

    Its like you guys read my mind ;_;

    It’s exactly what I wanted! You guys are amazing!

    • admin01-17-12

      The update was just submitted to Apple over the weekend. It should hopefully be available sometime within the week!

  2. A01-22-12

    can’t browse 4chan after update. nothing shows inside the boards other than “Load page 1….”

    • admin01-22-12

      Hmm, what device are you running on? It could have been 4chan at a particular part of day also. Try again and tell me how it goes.

  3. A01-22-12

    OK, i’m so stupid. i found now that my internet provider banned 4chan. what a shame. thank you for your fast response.

  4. Anon02-04-12

    Hey I tried to download 16 high resolution pics using the download manager thingy and now every time I get on the app it stalls after 5 seconds and it won’t download them… And when I browse pictures after viewing ten it stalls ….btw I’m on an ipad1 newest update jail broken.. Had the problem before jail breaking.

  5. Tek02-07-12

    Hell. We need a new update. There are severeal problems. First that the app crashes very often, especially if it loads big pictures >3MB.

    And now I have kind of extrem problem: The app crashes trying to download a specific file. And always the app tries to download it, it crashes. So that’s kind of “infinity crash loop” because the app automatically starts downloading when I open it.. and immediatly crashes.

    Hope that there will be an 1.6.1 update… ūüôĀ

    Anyways. Sorry for my bad English, im from Germany.

    • admin02-07-12


      Thanks for your feedback, we will try to bring out a new update shortly that addresses this problem.

      What device are you running on?

      • Tek02-08-12

        I’m running an iPod 3G 32GB with iOS 5.0.1 (9A405).

        I solved the problem delting the app and reinstall it. I saved my downloaded pictures first and then put them pack into my library.

        I’m planning to jailbreak my device, could you reveal the file in which the watchlist is saved? Because if I knew this, I could easily reinstall the app as often as I want and keep my watchlist as well…

  6. Peter02-16-12

    In the FAQ-Section it says that you can add /b/ and other boards to the different chans

    but when you want to add it e.g. for 4chan, it doesn’t let you … (i tried it out with /b/ and /gif/, but it says “Board not found”)

    How can i fix that?

    • admin02-16-12


      I have never experienced the problem of not being able to add boards such as b and gif on our test devices.

      However, I will try to walk you through the process of adding boards.

      1. Tap Chan you want to add the board to.
      2. Tap + button on the top right of the screen.
      3. Type in board name, /b/, /gif/, etc

      Adding Boards

      It sounds like you were already doing this.

      If you are still having problems, could you tell me what device you are running on?

      • Peter02-16-12

        Oh, now i see!

        I typed in the URL … as in “”
        I didn’t understand, that in “Board URL ex. /b/” the “ex.” means “example” … i thought it stands for “except”.

        Everything works fine now! Thanks for the quick help!

  7. Dr. David D. Davidson02-20-12

    App is fantastic but PLEASE address these!!!. 

    -Bugs: Results from image searches work 10% of the time, clicking thumbnails often opens the thread/post rather than the image, occasional crashes, creating threads almost never leads you to the thread once you make it (noko), does not display filename for OPs post, MAJOR ISSUES involving greentext in posts causing the the order of the text to get all mixed up and the posts become unreadable, sometimes the text doesn’t even show up in a post which can be very annoying and confusing.¬†

    -NEEDS: Color labels for your posts and responses to your posts (something Anonyma did right for once), add subfolders within folders, PLEASE ADD THE EMAIL FIELD, ability to link replies to multiple posts (has be done manually via copy and pasting), delete post function, report function. These would make this app a 10/10

    Also, to everyone else reading REMEMBER TO CLEAR YOUR CACHE OFTEN!!!!! If you don’t it will remain there and build up forever (i noticed i was running out of memory and when i checked, this app was taking up SEVEN GIGABYTES of memory!) Thats why.¬†

  8. AaronMaz02-22-12

    I can’t use this app on 3G!
    It’s just say: connecting error.
    Really really sad… :'(

    • admin02-23-12

      Others have had this problem because their mobile 3g provider has blocked 4chan, can you check this by trying to view some of the other chans?

      • AaronMaz02-23-12

        Nothings’ working, even the FAQ don’t work.
        My provider is SFR, french one. I can go on 4chan on safari, and i use a 4S

  9. Crustomer02-26-12

    I’m having trouble adding /vg/. It’s saying invalid board? Using 1.6 and iPod touch 4th gen

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