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A new update to Chan Elite was submitted today, here is the changelog:



– Fixes crashing bug when posting on some devices
– 420Chan works again
– Fixes crash when selecting 404’d 420chan post in watchlist

  1. ALD02-24-12

    Two questions:

    1) Does this fix the problem where when you search for a photo, well over half the ones you choose will show up blank in the entry box, forcing you to either start all over or post without a picture entirely?

    2) Just beginning today, I’m no longer able to use Chan Elite at all. It launches to a black screen, stays there for two or three seconds, and crashes back to the home screen. I’ve tried rebooting, but I don’t want to delete-and-reinstall CE becaus I’m afraid I’ll lose all the saved pics in it…

    • admin02-25-12


      This update does not address either of the problems you are referring to, however those will be fixed in another update.

      Regarding 2), the only solution at the moment will be to delete the app and reinstall it. It is caused by the Downloads tab attempting to download a large image file, the image will be too large for memory and the app will crash. The app will then try to redownload that file upon relaunch, which will then cause it to crash.

      To address the problem of losing your images, you can copy them to your computer without the app being open:

      1. Plug in your phone to your computer
      2. Launch iTunes
      3. Select your device
      4. Select the apps tab
      5. Scroll down to file sharing
      6. Select Chan Elite
      7. You can now save the images from the app to your computer

      • ALD02-26-12

        Thank you admin! That solution worked!

      • Jon04-17-12

        After transferring the photos from the app to your computer to reinstall the app, is there a way to once again put the photos back onto your phone?

        • admin04-17-12


          Yes, you can copy photos back to your phone the same way that you copied them to your computer. Make sure the folder structure is the same as the way it is put into the app though.

  2. A customer02-29-12

    Hello team, can you fix the 420chan board please? I’m trying to click on it but my ipod returns to home. Every booard of 420chan is affected to this bug. Thanks, I hope in early reply. PS. 420chan site is avaIlable by browser.

    • admin02-29-12

      The bug has been fixed, the update is simply awaiting approval from Apple.

  3. Customer03-02-12

    Will there be /mlp/ or ponychan support?

    • Ryan03-13-12

      Yea I’ll buy if it will do ponychan.

  4. A customer03-03-12

    thanks team, now the app works properly!

  5. Mark03-04-12

    Why does .gifs load funny?
    It’s like in an extremely small picture but then gets bigger as it loads

  6. Customer03-14-12

    Cant add the /hm/ on 4chan. Please fix urgent!

  7. Anonymous03-29-12

    I can’t view any images with chan elite, they just won’t load. Halp!

    • admin03-31-12

      The new version should fix this problem.

  8. Anon03-31-12

    why wont any pictures or .gifs load at all?

    • admin03-31-12

      Update to the latest version of the app, it fixes this problem.

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