Chan Elite v1.8


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Chan Elite v1.8 was submitted for approval. Here is the Changelog:

—- Update 1.8 —-
+ Added new 4chan boards
+ Boards will now update from internet, so hard update will not be required when new boards are supported

  1. Anon03-16-12

    Nice update, can we get auto refresh after we post in a thread?

    • admin03-16-12

      It will be added to the list of future updates.

  2. Customer03-20-12

    My long wait is almost over!

  3. RL03-20-12

    How come I can’t add /VG/ (Video game Generals – 4chan) to the forum list? It says invalid board.

    • admin03-20-12

      The update has been sent into apple that will support /vg/ and the other new boards, but it is still waiting for approval. It should hopefully be available sometime this week.

  4. Customer03-23-12

    Why can’t I post threads in mlp? I can post in b

  5. Customer03-23-12

    The only way to post. A thread is to leave th e subject and comment field blank

  6. Tek03-26-12

    Hey guys. It’s cool that you still patch this app, but my adressed problems aren’t solved after two updates.

    The app still crashes if it tries to open certain pictures. Sometimes it’s just the app which crashes, but often it’s my whole iPhone which resprings. And I can say for sure, that it is not because of my Jailbreak, because I don’t have one anymore.

    Just look at your Blogpost to patch 1.6 for further information and I also sent you an email…

    • admin03-26-12


      Both of those are important problems are still planning on being fixed. Sorry for the delays.

  7. Aaron03-29-12

    Im encountering a problem where the images are not loading

    • admin03-29-12


      Thanks for the information, an update has been submitted to Apple which fixes this bug.


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