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An update has been sent in for Chan Elite.

Due to a 4chan site change, images in the app were not loading. This problem has been fixed.

Change Log:

—- v1.8.1 —-

+ Added support for iPad Retina Display
+ 4chan images load again

  1. Drew03-29-12

    When will this be released?

    • admin03-29-12

      Well the app has been submitted to Apple for review. The typical time for an app to get reviewed is around 5 business days. However, an expedited review has been requested to hopefully getting it to you sooner.

      • Kenny03-29-12

        Wut did moot do this time? 🙁

        • admin03-31-12

          Added support for https, slightly changing the way images were getting accessed.

  2. Derpina03-29-12


  3. no one03-31-12

    It seems like, on 7chan, when a post has multiple images, none of them load. Can you fix this in the next update??

    • no one03-31-12

      Also, this has been happening as long as I’ve owned the app, so it’s not specific to this update.

      • admin04-01-12


        You are correct, I was unaware of the ability to post multiple pictures in one post on 7chan. Currently, the app’s interface is not designed to support multiple images. This will be added to a todo list for the app.

  4. Dare04-01-12

    Getting quite frustrated with this app. Posting on 3G networks still doesn’t work, and random bugs have started occuring since the 1.81 update including

    – Can’t post replies with images on wifi ( I can post in safari fine)
    – Searched images disappear after returning to the message screen with 0kb displayed
    – Message disappears after selecting image from camera roll
    – Can’t take photos directly from the post screen. Nothing shows up and the file is 0kb

    • admin04-01-12


      Sorry for the problems you are having with posting.

      1st problem should be fixed in the next update, this is do to another 4chan site change.
      2nd problem – 4th problem. These are known and are on a update list for the app. They typically occur on older iOS devices with less memory.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  5. Jack04-01-12

    For some reason I am unable to post/make threads right now, or reply to any. Any help?

    • admin04-01-12

      Yes, we have just noticed this problem as well. Another update is on the way.

      • Jack04-01-12

        Cheers, any idea when? Visiting grandparents and at night I can’t really entertain myself now :/

        • admin04-01-12

          Well, the update has already been submitted to Apple. Apple typically takes approximately 5 business days to approve new apps. The last update was submitted with an expedited review which they only let you do once a year.

  6. Jack04-01-12

    Aww dang!

  7. Jeff04-09-12

    Can you add some sort of option/toggle to enable “force browse in HTTPS” for 4chan?

    • admin04-10-12

      This will be considered for the next update.

  8. Sam04-20-12

    I am able to reply to posts but it fails when I am trying to upload a .jpg, no matter what the file size. Any Ideas it’s a getting frustrating!

    • admin04-20-12

      I will try to diagnose your problem, but can you answer these questions:
      What device are you running on?
      Which chan are you trying to post to?
      Are you trying on wifi or 3g?

  9. Sam04-20-12

    Hi Admin the problem seems to have been resolved, thanks though. Just an idea maybe you could include an expand view button instead of having to click on the comment to see the whole thing or just allowing one to see the whole comment without further clicking.Would be ace.

  10. Mark05-07-12

    Could you make it easyer to delete videos please.
    Like instead of having to veiw a coulom of pictures to delete them could you make it so you can also delete pictures one by one?- thanks
    Also when is the next update coming out?

  11. Mark05-08-12

    Correction* easyer to delete pictures

    • admin05-08-12

      I will add this to a list of todo’s for the app. Thanks for the suggestion.

      Regarding the next update, it has already been sent in and has been approved. It includes the update that will allow 4chan to work with the new html. It will not go live until this change occurs on 4chan.

  12. Mark05-09-12

    The new html?
    Havent heard anything bout that.. Anyway thanks

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