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An update has been sent in for Chan Elite.

Due to a 4chan site change, posting also stopped working. This problem has been fixed.

Change Log:

—- v1.8.2 —-

+ 4Chan posting works again

  1. Customer04-02-12

    Yay! Love these devs, if there’s a problem they’ve already started working on it

  2. me04-14-12

    I can never copy my photos ive saved when i try to save them via itunes. Error is photos could not be copied because an error occured. The required folder cannot be found.

    Also still crashes alot when browsing through photos

    • admin04-17-12

      I am unsure as to what would be causing your problem with copying photos to your computer. I believe it would be a problem with iTunes. If you want to try another program to copy photos with, try this.

      Regarding crashing while going through photos, this does happen on high res photos. We will work on managing high res photos on devices.

  3. Aintcomplaining05-07-12

    I have the lautest Version installed but I can not Post on 4chan.
    Will there be another Update?

    • admin05-08-12

      This error should have been solved in the most recent update. However, I am happy to look into it.

      What device are you running on? Do you have the latest version of the app? Are you on wifi or 3g?

      • Aintcomplaining05-08-12

        Hey there and thanks for your quick reply.
        I am using an iPhone 4s and the Problem happens in both 3G and wifi.

      • Aintcomplaining05-08-12

        I Need to correct myself here, I can Post Text Messages, but i can Not Post pictures from my Camera Roll – no matter the file size…

        • admin05-08-12

          Ok, the iPhone 4s is the only device that I have not tested on. However, I just verified that posting images is working on the iPad 3 and iPhone 4. I will try to find an iPhone 4s test device.

          • Aintcomplaining05-09-12

            Did you try posting over 3G or wifi only?
            My upload speed is very limited at the moment (64kbit/sec) – might this be an issue?

          • admin05-14-12

            I have tested on both 3G and wifi, so I am not sure what the problem is.

            An update should come out sometime within the next 7 business days (average apple app approval time) or so that will have more detailed error messages when a Post fails.

  4. Aintcomplaining05-08-12

    Oh, and I do have the latest Version installed…

  5. Fan05-12-12

    I am a HUGE fan. Thanks so much for this app. 🙂 it’s so great it’s hard for me to ask for more features… But here goes, I’d love to see a “slide show” for your library of pics with with a random button. (maybe with option to play from many folders at once) Please.
    A way to pull pull pics from the camera roll directly into the library. Purdy please.
    one other little thing… On the iPad, when it’s locked asking for a pin, please have it block from seeing the last thing looked at in the background. (you can see behind the pin pad)
    FYI, 7chan seems to act odd, pics not filling in when they are still there…
    Thank you again for a sweet app. I use it almost daily.

    • admin05-14-12

      Thanks for all the suggestions, I will consider them all and you can expect to see many of them in an update.

      • Fan05-14-12

        Very cool thank you. 🙂 I’d be very willing to buy some of that as an in-app upgrade. I also forgot one last thing. Unless technically not possible when browsing full pictures from the web (not library) when the current picture finishes loading to pre-load the next photo.

        Is there a more appropriate way to contact you for giving this feedback or is this ok?

  6. Suggestion05-14-12

    4chan has stopped working because of the recent html code change. I know you guys will work on and fix this right away but i would like to make a suggestion. I would love this app even more if it had an email field while posting on 4chan. That way it would be possible to noko and sage.

    • admin05-14-12

      The update to 4chan was sent in about a week ago and has been approved. I just set it to release right now, so it should be available within the next couple of hours. However, it isn’t working perfectly at the moment because it was developed before the new html came out and there are still a few differences.

      Thanks for the suggestions regarding posting as well.

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