Chan Elite v1.9.1


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This is now available in the app store.

The most recent Chan Elite update had a few problems with the latest 4Chan html refresh. This update addresses these problem as well as fixes a few others.

—– v 1.9.1 —–
+ Fixes Remaining 4Chan Bugs (Including watchlist misreporting)
+ Fixes freeze that could occur for up to 15 seconds at app open
+ iPad Lock Screen now has opaque background
+ Added 4Chan noko support
+ If a post fails to post, it will give a more detailed error message
+ Image Search works more reliably

  1. Anon05-17-12

    New to the app — love it despite the 4chan HTML bugs hampering things. Question: why can’t I view dead threads? After they 404, I can no longer view them, why is that? Anonyma allows me to do this, but not chan elite. Thanks for everything!

    • admin05-20-12

      This is just due to the way that the app is designed. At the moment, it does not create an archive for any 404’d threads. However, this may be added in the future.

  2. Anon05-19-12

    Thanks for being on top of the game here.

    The support is awesome.

    Will rate 5 stars when this update hits the store!

  3. Anonymoose05-22-12

    Hi, will you allow us to view threads and boards in a more ‘stock’ way in the future?
    Perhaps by adding two settings, first would toggle showing the original post along with the 3 replies(in board view). The second would make threads behave more like threads, as in you see the entire conversation as a long list.
    Or at least consider adding a pull down/up to go up/down feature while in threads.

    • admin05-22-12

      Thanks for all the suggestions. You will probably see a few changes to the browsing interface in the future.

  4. Anon05-23-12

    Hi how can you sage on elite? Great app!

    • admin05-26-12

      Currently, there is no way to sage. However, this will be added to a list of things to add to the app.

  5. noko05-24-12

    Even with 1.91 I still have problems Posting images on 4chan! Works over wifi, fails via
    3G. Also I haven’t Seen a more detailed error message as to why a Post failed – where are those hidden?

    • admin05-26-12

      Well, approximately 20 new error messages were added in, but they still show up on that exact same screen. Instead of saying Post Failed, it will sometimes say things such as Flood Detected, Duplicate Image. My guess would be that on 3G, the upload must timeout, I will look some more into this problem.

  6. Spocksmith05-25-12

    To let you know, something to do with ampersands (&) is broken. Having one in a post makes that post appear blank when you try to view it.

    • admin05-26-12

      Thanks, we will look into this problem.

  7. Anon05-25-12

    It seems that only pages 0-9 are viewable out of 16. Why is this? The old version showed all 16.

    • admin05-26-12

      Thanks for the feedback, this will be fixed in the next update.

  8. Elitefan05-26-12

    I have to say I love this app, but after the last update I can’t even open it anymore! It keeps crashing instantly. I tried almost everything…am I the only one? Should I erase the app and re-download it?
    Thx in advance, keep up the Good work!

    • admin05-26-12

      This has once occurred once in the past for me as well. It appears to be some problem from iOS.

      Here is an article discussing this.

      The first thing I would try is just rebooting your phone. Then if that doesn’t work, backup any pics you may have in the app to iTunes and reinstall the app.

      • Elitefan05-27-12

        Thank you for your quick response, it’s working again!
        Re-installing has done The trick. I’m happy now!

  9. Cas05-30-12

    Trying to add and visit /hr/ on iPad 3 ios 5.1.1 seems to crash the app consistently.

    • admin05-30-12

      Thanks for the info. I just tested and you are correct.

      I have fixed the problem and this bug will be gone when the next update is released.

  10. Anon06-01-12

    There is a bug where I cannot create folders in photos. It just pops the keyboard out only.

    • admin06-01-12

      I have never seen this problem before. I recommend restarting the app.

      What iOS version do you have?

      • Anon06-03-12

        Currently I’m using iOS 5.0.1, when I download a picture, I cannot create a folder and then into it for some reason.

        • Anon06-03-12

          *download into it.

  11. James06-05-12

    Hey, will this update do anything about the random crashes, it’s like the app becomes useless every three days and I have to re-install it. It’s very frustrating.

    • admin06-05-12

      The next update will most likely fix the crashes you are having.

  12. gravis06-05-12

    Great app, but please make it so I can disable ‘Save to Camera Roll’ and exclusively use the built in Downloads folder – I keep accidentally downloading images to my camera roll!

    Keep up the great work 🙂

    • admin06-07-12


      Thanks for the suggestion, I will plan on making this a setting in a future update.

  13. another anon06-07-12

    great app, really enjoying it.
    no sure where to post suggestions, but here it goes.
    it would be great if one will be able to delete a downloaded picture when viewing it, currently you have to go back to the tile-list/thumbnail view and then try to guess what image was the one you want to remove.

    just a thought.

    keep on the good work.

    • admin06-07-12

      Excellent suggestion, this will be be added in a future update.

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