Chan Elite v1.9


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An update is available for Chan Elite.

Due to a 4chan site refresh, their code has changed.

Change Log:

—– v1.9 —–
+ Partially Supports the new 4Chan update
(was developed before it was available site wide, a few more changes are still needed)
+ SSL Support

What’s Currently not working?

Post and Image count is currently incorrect. Also, if you want to load all the posts in a thread, you will have to press refresh instead of the load more posts button.

  1. Anders Bruun Olsen05-14-12

    Watchlist is partially broken. When visiting threads with new posts, and returning to the list, the number of unread posts is unchanged for the visited thread.

    • admin05-14-12


      Yes you are correct. This update has quite a few problems in it. I figured that some functionality was better than no functionality. All tests were just hypothetical since the changes were not all live site wide.

      However, this bug and several others have already been fixed since this update has gone live. Unfortunately, it takes Apple about a week to accept any new app updates.

      The update for v1.9.1 was submitted tonight and will hopefully be available very soon.

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