Chan Elite is Gone


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Hello Everyone,

Today is a sad day for Chan Elite.

Chan Elite has been removed from the App Store today due to user generated objectionable content. This means that there will be no more updates to the app.

After discussions with Apple, the app will not be back in the app store.

We wish you all the best.

Legendary Software Labs

  1. anode06-13-12

    This is outrageous. Where the hell does Apple get off removing apps based on “user generated objectionable content?” The app isn’t the problem, and the 17+ rating is there for a reason. Why are such apps as Alienblue, which can very much contain equally “objectionable content” kept on the app store, but Chanelite gets the axe based on subjectively offensive material? Unvelievable.

    P.s – here is a link to the IPA

    • Anon06-14-12

      That’s like removing Safari because of “objectionable user generated content”

  2. Tanner06-13-12

    Only one place to go now: to Cydia!

    • Kitastriphi06-13-12


  3. Pete06-13-12

    Maybe you should think about looking into the cydia store in the meantime?

  4. Anonymous06-13-12

    This is really sad to here… This was definitely the best app out there…

    Are there any possibilities of publishing updates on the website?

  5. Anon06-13-12

    I actually paid for this app and it’s better than anything on Android.
    I wouldn’t want to see a censored version either.

  6. Victor Borges06-13-12

    Yep go to cydia or make it with lots of age advices

  7. Ant06-13-12

    That’s pretty fucked they removed it. This app was one I used everyday.

  8. Pissed off long legged puerto rican06-13-12

    Wtf is this shit. Will i get my money back?
    Fuck you Apple

  9. dude06-13-12

    Apple goes stupid….

    Move to cydia!

  10. Anon06-13-12

    This is ludicrous. Yet another reason I can add to my “why I hate apple” list.

  11. yanju06-13-12

    I generate objectionable content with safari, apple remove it pls.

    Good luck trying to put this app in the store again and thank you for your work.

  12. Anonymous06-13-12

    Yeah dude make the move to cydia it’s the only way this project will be kept alive

  13. Anonymous06-13-12

    FFS. Now I need a new app to store my fap collection.

  14. Casemods06-13-12

    Cydia repository


    App sync

    I hope you guys will make it free now and put it on app tracker

    Or make it for cydia instead.

  15. Sawyer06-13-12

    Ugh, I knew I made a big mistake getting an Apple product. It’s absolutely ridiculous that they would ban it for objectionable content when any browser could get you to pornographic content.

    At least I’ll be able to upgrade to a Galaxy S3 soon.

  16. Anon06-13-12

    Fucking outrageous. Bought this app a few days ago and have been loving it. I remember a similar thing happened with the Anonyma app.

    I hope apple gets their shit together and gives some money back too. Any way we can petition against this guys?

  17. Brett06-13-12

    Can you please elaborate more on why it’s being shut down/removed.

    Also, if the chances are slim to keep it up, add it to
    Cydia, I mean I just bought the app, why not let it still be usuable, for those who’ve already have it downloaded.

    • Anon06-13-12

      Classic apple. Bunch of content Nazis. There must be some kinda law against removing people’s money/work with no good reason.

    • Brett06-13-12

      That is weird, yes I know CP goes on there once and. Great while, but before you attempt to download the app it says the age restriction, and if you’re over 18, pornography and racial slurs aren’t illegal. Though, their age restriction stuff for the app store is 17 years old. Oh well, at least I’m still able to access the app. But you should look into putting it in the Cydia application store.

  18. Louis06-13-12

    Please, don’t let it die. Go on chdia, ask for donations, and, please, stay foolish, stay hungry.

  19. Anonymous06-13-12

    apple confirmed for redditors.

    • Strabismus06-13-12

      *shivers* I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  20. Jake06-13-12

    Is there any possibility that you can migrate to Cydia and add donations? It’s a damn shame because I just bought it last week and right as I was enjoying it, it’s gone. Not asking for my money back, just hope your project is able to seen by those who want it.

  21. Anon06-13-12

    I can still access the app at the moment. How long until they pull the plug completely? :/

    • an average user06-14-12

      they can’t plug it. If you have the app now, you will always be able to use it. But if you delete it, you can’t get it back.

  22. Jake06-13-12

    I assume it’s on your phone till you eventually restore it or an update to the site renders it useless like what they did with the HTML5 thing then it’s gone

  23. Jimmy Russles06-13-12

    > Apple in charge of free speech

  24. RIP LuLZ06-13-12

    Please move to Cydia and add donations I really appreciate this app love the team, keep up the great work. 

  25. Haiu06-13-12

    Removing this app is equivalent of removing a web browser because you can watch porn on it…

  26. Anonymous06-13-12

    Nooooooo! This really rustles my jimmies

    Apple employers confirmed for being moralfags

  27. Anonymous06-13-12

    C’mon everybody,let’s back to /b/ it’s time to raid apple!

  28. Anon06-13-12

    While the app is closed on the apple store, will current users who still have the chan elite app on their phones still be able to use the service?

    • Brett06-13-12

      Yes, until 4chan updates their website, then we can’t use it.
      Also, implying you use the app for 4chan.

  29. Anonymous06-13-12

    This is bs, I absolutely love your app. No joke it’s the one I use the most. Please think about cydia, we would love to see it there. I would be more then willing to help. I rarely get money for use with this kind of thing. I suggest we make a major crack and spread it all over installous… I’ll be doing that now. I suggest everyone do the same. We are 4chaners /b/tards /v/irgins etc. let’s show them the real power of the Internet!

    • Anonymous06-13-12

      /mlp/ here

      I know that many people hates us but we use this app too.

      we are with our /b/rothers and our fellow /v/irgins in this sad moment

      • Anonymous06-13-12

        In the end we are all the same race, master race. I suggest we show them how master we are. Should we rally the hord?

    • Slayer06-13-12

      /k/ommando here. you have my sword.

    • Tanner06-14-12

      /co/mrade here, and I would love to see it restored in the App Store, but if not, let’s just go to Cydia. Not going to have any hassles over content there, and it won’t take 6 days to get an update approved.

  30. Femanon06-13-12

    Wtf man, I just got this app.
    Well, there’s always /b/tard.
    But you can’t make threads or post pictures.
    I want my money back, at least

    • Brett06-13-12

      Yes you can, stop freaking out. The app is still usable, until 4chan updated their website, or if chan elite goes to Cydia.

      Now Tits or GTFO cumdumpster.

      • Anonymous06-13-12

        Shut up tripfag

        to the admin:maybe it could be a good idea to sell the app in cydia (or for free for those who payed for it) think about it.

        >your project continues without the apple faggotry
        >you make some money (perhaps not the same as before but still)
        >you make us happy

        just think about it

        • Brett06-13-12

          Why so butthurt?

  31. We will try06-13-12

    Anons unite, petition and troll it back into the app store!

    • Strabismus06-13-12


      • Lonely Weeaboo06-13-12

        Wow. Probably P.C. Parents found the app and fucked it up for us.

        • Strabismus06-14-12

          Damn. 🙁

  32. Strabismus06-13-12

    “due to user generated objectionable content”

    I noticed some of the AppStore reviews trollingly stated “Best app ever, my 5-year-old loves it!” Could this be a clue into what alerted Apple into inappropriate use of this app?

  33. Kitastriphi06-13-12

    Make it a jailbreak exclusive application?

  34. Knox06-13-12

    /b/tard has also been romoved from the app store cause I just check.

  35. Aidan06-13-12

    Make an online petition to get Chan Elite reinstated. I’m sure this app is important enough to it’s users that almost every one will sign it. I can say for sure that my iPod would be of half the value without it.

  36. M06-13-12

    I bought this app yesterday. Damnit all.

  37. Mkman106-14-12

    This is bullshit. Is there a way we can petition Apple to get this back in the app store?

  38. KF06-14-12

    HERES AN IDEA Why don’t you just take the posting functionality out?? That way there’s no “user generated content” and everything is done through 4chan…. Unless apple wants to cancel the entire web too.

    Basically turn it into a web browser but just for 4chan. I rarely post anyways and just lurk, view and save pics, etc

    Is that an option and would it be allowed back in app store? Please consider

    • Mkman106-14-12

      I don’t post that much and Moot made a mobile version of 4Chonz so I guess if that was the ONLY way to get the app back I’d be fine with it. I love the thread watcher and mass downloading of pics. This app is a godsend

    • Anonymous06-14-12

      terrible idea!

      the idea behind this app is lurk AND post.

      hell even the piece of crap called mobile safari let’s you lurk 4chan (but not post),aside from downloading pics (safari can do that too) what are the benefits using a mutilated chan elite?

    • M00t06-14-12

      Yes! Do this! I’ve only posted like five times in the last year, we don’t need posting just get it back up!

  39. Arun Ali Khan06-14-12

    Release the project, source and all, on github.
    Compilers gonna compile.

  40. Eamonn06-14-12

    It still works as long as you didnt remove it you can still view boards and threads

  41. Anon06-14-12

    /v/, /o/, /co/, /vp/ here. Fuck this shit, I bought the app acouple of weeks ago. This was without a doubt my #1 used app. How did Apple even get to /b/? It’s not even enabled by default!